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*L (Leader)
*L  (Leader)

Favorite Weapon : AK-47 (Rifle)
Current In-game nickname : /h0ly*Rico*L*AR
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PostSubject: Request form   Request form Icon_minitimeMon Mar 16, 2009 6:24 pm

In this forum, you can ask for a higher rank, but to do it follow those rules or you will be ignored!
Subject is: (Your name) requests an higher rank: From (old rank) to (1 rank higher)
Than fill out this form (Copy paste this form to your topic)


New members:
Applicate to the clan as following
Subject: (Your name) wants to join the clan as *N Newbie
Fill out the following form (Copy-Paste)


Fill out the form
Use the subject
Ask only once a week for promotion
Don't ask promotion if you are newbie, you will get promoted after a week of membership!
Good luck on applying
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Request form
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